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Monthly Archives: January 2009

After Work Sketching with Coworkers Present

Drinks, sepia Pitt pen in 5 x 7 sketchbook, 1/30/09 Chicken Wing Remnants, sepia Pitt pen in 5 x 7 sketchbook, 1/31/09 Yesterday I went out for happy hour with some coworkers. I took along my sketchbook which was a breakthrough for me because I would normally be embarrassed to do such a thing. It […]

A Random Sketch and some other Randomness

Mr Bean on the Diving Board, Lamy fountain pen and colored pencil in sketchbook, Jan 2009 I love Mr. Bean. I’m normally a very serious person but I find Rowan Atkinson (especially his Mr. Bean character) so funny. I paused the video at 3:13 to make this tiny sketch. The highly esteemed Ces of Ces […]

On Taking Risks and Suffering Physical Pain

I have never been a risk taker in life. Generally, my attitude has been “Life is about survival and I am going to make it through unscathed.” However, recent circumstances I’ve found myself in over the past year or so have led me to do some rethinking. I’ve realized that a lot of things in […]

Playing Around with Markers

Bread Assortment, Tombow Pens in sketchbook, January 2009 Pottery on Marble Pedestal, Tombow Pens in sketchbook, January 2009 Markers are a fast way to get some really bright colors in your sketchbook and the permanence of them is also an exciting challenge. These are some recent sketches done with my Tombow dual brush pens. I […]

January 2009 Virtual Sketch Date

January 2009 VSD, pitt pens and colored pencil in sketchbook January 2009 VSD, graphite in sketchbook This week I have been preoccupied with other things and I didn’t feel like making a very detailed drawing of the clementine for the January 09 VSD. It would have come out really nice but I just wasn’t feeling […]

Public Sketching, and getting out of depression

Sketching Men at Panera Bread, graphite in sketchbook, 1/19/09 Today I was feeling so yucky both mentally and physically. My body is all achy and I feel feverish, like I am coming down with a winter sickness. I happened to come across Katherine Tyrrell’s post about how being creative can help a person get out […]

Painting Flowers is Good for the Soul

Orchid, watercolor on 5 x 7 greeting card, 1/11/2009 I cracked. I painted another flower. That day I happened to feel very sad and flowers cheer me up so much. I was actually considering buying myself fresh flowers, but I got cheap and used a reference photo I’ve been saving instead. I painted this on […]

Small Cat Ink Drawings

Cats I, sanguine Pitt pens (each drawing 2.5″ x 1.75″), December 2008 Cats II, sepia and sanguine Pitt pens (each drawing 2.5″ x 1.75″), December 2008 Cats are beautiful animals but they are very challenging for me to draw. Here are some drawings I made in December of my sister’s cats. I put the top […]

Fruit on Black, and a gift idea

Fruit on Black, colored pencil on black paper, December 2008 I don’t eat a lot of fruit normally, but I live with people who thrive on fruit. I put these small drawings (2.5″ x 1.75″) in a set of photo coasters and gave them to my sister for Christmas. They came out quite nice and […]

Recent Events, and Sketches

Washington St, Hartford CT; Sanguine Pitt pens in 5 x 7 sketchbook, 1/9/2009 I took the day off from work on Friday to take care of some official business in downtown Hartford. I came early so I could get some sketching in, even though I was hardly in the mood to do any sketching. I […]