Playing Around with Markers


Bread Assortment, Tombow Pens in sketchbook, January 2009

Pottery on Marble Pedestal

Pottery on Marble Pedestal, Tombow Pens in sketchbook, January 2009

Markers are a fast way to get some really bright colors in your sketchbook and the permanence of them is also an exciting challenge. These are some recent sketches done with my Tombow dual brush pens. I really love the range of colors that these markers come in. I bought the entire set over 5 years ago, and they are just starting to get worn and frayed tips. I usually use the brush tip, although there is also a fine line tip on the other side. There is a colorless blender available, but I find that the best way to work is to test the colors you are going to use on a seperate piece of paper to avoid mishaps caused by choosing the wrong color. These are available in open stock, as well as sets of various colors so you can replace individual markers as they get worn. If you are looking for a good brand of watersoluble markers, I would consider these.

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