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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Visual Journaling

Woman Against Red, graphite and colored pencil in moleskine, 2/28/09 I am only slightly aware of what was going on inside my head when I was making this picture, so I will not attempt to explain it. I have to say that for me, working out vague and conflicting thoughts in my sketchbook is more […]


Cool, colored pencil and marker in moleskine, February 2009 Recent conversations have made me consider all the things I have given up and am now going to get back. Generally, I make lists and check things off as I accomplish them. Sometimes when I need a pick me up, I write lists of things that […]

Man #7, Stern Man

Man with Blue Background (#7), graphite and colored pencil in sketchbook, February 2009 I told myself that I would do something different, but I did something quite similar to what I normally do. I added the blue background though, which is a little different. The truth is, there is something meditative about coming home from […]

Rethinking and Evaluating

Carnations, colored pencil in sketchbook, 2/14/09 I was feeling a little sick of doing portraits so I did this small sketch of some carnations I had. Normally I am super detailed, trying to capture the minutiae of every leaf and petal. This time I decided to keep it loose and focus on generalities. I need […]

Man #6, Anonymous African Man

Anonymous Man from Ivory Coast (#6), graphite in sketchbook (9 x 12), February 2009 This drawing really took a lot out of me. It took a lot longer than I had expected, mostly because I have never done anything like this before. I stopped myself from tinkering around with it any further because I knew […]

Man #5, Brooding Man

Anonymous Man with Facial Hair and Glasses (#5), graphite in sketchbook, 2/10/2009 These days I generally do art while in a neutral mood. I’ve been thinking of it more as a task to check off my list and less of my outlet, which is how my artwork used to be in the past. I made […]

Man #4, Jake

Jake (#4), graphite in sketchbook, February 2009 This is my brother-in-law Jake. He is a true people person and he has a talent for sales. He is inspiring to talk to as he can motivate people to aspire for greatness. Drawing family members from fuzzy facebook photos is a difficult task. First of all, drawing […]

Man #3, Old Man

Anonymous Man (#3), graphite in sketchbook, February 2009 Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about myself growing older and wasting my life away. I also spend a lot of time with elderly people, both at home and work. So I thought I would draw an old man for a change. I’ve been in a huge […]

Man #2, with wrinkles and scruff

Anonymous Man (#2), graphite in sketchbook, February 2009 I spent quite a lot of time on this drawing, based on this photo. I’m not sure how successful this was, but it was definitely a good exercise. I have never drawn a face with so many wrinkles and I have to say it was really fun. […]

The First in a Series of Men

One of my goals for 2009 was to work in a series. I do have another series planned when the warmer weather comes around, but at the moment it is cold and depressing out. For now, I decided to start a series that I can do indoors and that will also improve my skills. In […]