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Monthly Archives: April 2009

More Panera Sketches

These are some sketches that I’ve done at Panera, on different occasions. I am going to have to find another weekend sketching spot pretty soon. The staff is starting to recognize me and I need to change things up. However, there are no independently run coffee shops, only chain stores like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or […]

Japanese Maple on a Rainy Day

It was a rainy Friday afternoon and I had come home from work to an empty house, relieved that the workweek was through but uncomfortable that I had nothing to do that weekend. I sat in my kitchen and sketched this while listening to Pink Moon by Nick Drake and generally feeling very melancholy. Nick […]

Another Justin Sketch

Here is another (unfinished) sketch of Justin. I was concentrating on the mouth and nose here. I’m starting to wonder if I’m avoiding doing the final piece because I enjoy sketching it so much.

I’m Off!

Backyard Tree Sketch, pen and colored pencil in moleskine, 4/24/09 On Friday I went down to Jerry’s Artarama and picked up some supplies for my class this week. When I got home I couldn’t resist trying them out. I was using my new Staedtler pigment liners and trying my new pencil sharpener on some colored […]

Sketching in Nature Blog

Cathy Johnson invited me to be a contributor to her new group blog, Sketching in Nature. You can read my introductory post here. Go check it out — there are a lot of really talented artists featured. I can’t wait to get started!

Rhododendron Bud: April ’09 Virtual Sketch Date

Rhododendron Bud, graphite in sketchbook, April 2009 I saw the photo for the Virtual Sketch Date this month and immediately wanted to draw this in graphite. I was attracted to the details in the petals and I thought this would be really fun to capture in pencil — even though I have been trying to […]

My Second Easter

Sketch of Three Red Eggs, colored pencil in sketchbook, 4/19/2009 Today is Orthodox Easter, or Pascha, as it is called in Greek. The meaning behind it is the same as regular Easter, but the Orthodox calendar is different, that’s all. I always loved that because it meant that I got to have Easter twice. This […]

Lying Low

Swan Sketch #2, colored pencil in sketchbook, 4/13/09 Swan Sketch #1, colored pencil in sketchbook, 4/5/09 These are some sketches I made from some photos that a friend took for me. I did both of these in colored pencil and I tried to keep my color selection to a minimum. I did enjoy myself and […]

International Fake Journal Month, and my experience with mendhi

Journal Cover, sepia Pitt pen on moleskine cahier, 4/1/09 I’ve been keeping a fake journal, inspired by Roz’s International Fake Journal Month. The journal itself is a private affair, but I thought the cover came out pretty nice, so I am posting it for everyone to see. I was inspired by my trip to India […]

Sketching Confidence

Green Girl, colored pencil in moleskine, 4/13/09 I have been sketching lately in colored pencil and ballpoint, things that are not easily erased or covered. The whole idea is to develop some more confidence and to learn to live with my marks. We’ll see if the uncomfortable feeling it gives me pays off in better […]