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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Pen and Ink Trees WIP

WIP, dip pen (8 x 10) on 140 lb Arches cold press I fully intended to post this yesterday, but I got a bit behind and ended up working until pretty late last night. I underestimated how much time pen and ink really takes me and I got a late start as well. Rather than […]

Memorial Day Weekend Sketching

Northampton Garden, ink and wash in 10 x 7 watercolor sketchbook, 5/24/09 Mall Starbucks, ballpoint and marker in moleskine, 5/25/09 I went to Northampton on Sunday and made the top drawing of the garden while sitting outside the back entrance to Thorne’s Market. I wish I had done more actual sketching but I got really […]

Watercolor Flowers for Yiayia

Yiayia’s Flowers #1, watercolor in 10 x 7 sketchbook, 5/17/09  As a child, my Yiayia (grandmother) was one of the biggest fans of my art. I remember one time we were sitting in a Friendly’s getting ice cream and I made a doodle on a napkin with a hot pink Crayola marker. Yiayia took that […]

Self Portrait, and mourning my 2B

Self Portrait, graphite in sketchbook, 5/17/09 This is my most accurate self portrait, at least to how I look in the mirror. I really tried to get the proportions right, and I even drew in my unusual (and not matching) eyes. I started it late at night and stayed up so late working on it […]

An Account of My First Experience Drawing the Nude From Life

Norman, Charcoal on newsprint, April 2009 This is Norman, our male model at Snow Farm. I’ve heard before that one’s first time drawing nudes from life is the most difficult, as there is an awkwardness that must be gotten used to. Well, I was very awkward, and never quite got used to it. Sorry, but […]

My Favorite Window So Far

Millwork and God’s Handiwork, ink and watercolor wash, 4/29/09 When I was at Snow Farm we had a free afternoon on Wednesday. Some people used the time to go to Northampton or do shopping, but I went back to the studio and made this drawing in my watercolor sketchbook. The studios at Snow Farm are […]

Designing my Life

In general, I am a serious and responsible person. I also tend to be a perfectionist, and perhaps care too much about things that don’t really matter in the big scheme of things. This can be a problem because I feel that I’ve been working hard on all the little things but not having the […]

Evening Sketches at Snow Farm

Drum and Table, ink and white colored pencil in sketchbook, 4/27/09 My Evening Companions, ink and white colored pencil in sketchbook, 4/28/09 While I was at Snow Farm, I tried to fill all my awake non studio hours with sketching. After dinner we usually had an evening activity of some sort, like a guest artist […]

Fruit and Flowers

Fruit Sketch, graphite in sketchbook, 5/3/09   Pink Rose Sketch, colored pencil in sketchbook, 5/4/09 I haven’t had the time to do a lot of art projects since coming back from vacation. In fact, I only just finished unpacking my suitcase today. Here are some small sketches I made from things that I happened to […]

A Lot to Think About

Self Portrait, watercolor on 140 lb hot press Arches (5″ x 9″), 4/19/2009 I came home from my trip to Snow Farm last night, happy to sleep in my own (king size) bed. I have to say that it was a nice little getaway and a very productive time for me. I thought they ran […]