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Old Woman Thinking

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately and haven’t felt very coherent. I made this sketch of an old woman deep in thought while deep in thought myself.

Here are some odd tidbits that I’ve been thinking about:

My friend Kimberly Shaw of Kimberly Shaw Graphics had her lovely teacup designs ripped off by Fabri-Quilt, a company who makes printed fabrics for quilters. I think it’s appalling that this company stole her copyrighted designs without any remuneration. Now their lawyer is claiming that there are no similarities between her work and their fabric. Take a look at her blog post and judge for yourself! I’m personally not into quilting, but if there are any quilters out there reading this, keep this in mind when shopping for fabrics.

Yesterday I said goodbye to the house where I’ve spent most of my growing up years. It was bittersweet because my parents are off to something better, but sad because I will always feel like a guest when I go to visit them. I took the last of my stuff out and now I have a massive sorting, organizing and donating job to do.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the chaos currently ensuing in Iran. Besides the violence and the oppressive government, I’ve had an incredible desire to pray for the Christians in that country. You won’t hear about it on the mainstream news, but the underground house churches are growing thanks to many passionate young Iranians spreading the Gospel. I’m praying that this will be an opportunity for an even greater revival there.


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