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Monthly Archives: September 2009


Life is one long process of getting tired. -Samuel Butler I’m sick at the moment, with a cold or the flu I’m not sure. Most days I haven’t been sketching at all, but on the days that I have been sketching, I haven’t been making anything presentable enough to post. Today I am sipping hot […]

Why I Draw Flowers

I always thought my relationship with floral art was a love/hate one. For a long time I was embarrassed of my fascination with flowers because various individuals used to criticize me for it, saying that I was too “girly.” At other times, I was given flowers by an abusive partner as a “goodwill” gesture, basically […]

Showing Up

I had a full day yesterday, but sadly left drawing until the very end. Not wanting to put off drawing for the day, I decided to do some late night sketching before the clock struck twelve. I was wearing my “do rag” in my hair and my long sleeved flannel nightgown (the a/c was on). […]


I haven’t been doing much drawing lately, but I have been recharging my batteries with great success. I have been spending lots of time cuddling and having long conversations, resulting in an all around good feeling (you know the feeling). I went on a mini excursion to New Hampshire and spent time shopping for new […]