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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Carolyn Pappas Was Here

Now that I am feeling better I have been doing drawing mostly every day, except right now I am working on Christmas presents because I am so behind schedule. I was originally planning on getting all my Christmas artwork done before July, but things didn’t really go as planned. I don’t want to post these […]

The Mind-Body

I’ve spent the past two months agonizing over a perceived health problem. Now that my doctor could not find anything wrong with me, I’m almost completely convinced that it is mind-body in nature, and not a real illness after all. Unlike my previous hand issue, it was really starting to affect my art productivity not […]


Ever since I was a kid I remember this bottle in the liquor cabinet. This must be at least 75 years old because it has been there ever since I’ve been around and the bottle says it’s already 50 years old! I don’t think it would be very good to drink. Metaxa is a type […]

Sick Day

Magnolia Blossoms, watercolor on hot press Arches, 5″ x 9″ Last week I took some time off from work because I was sick with a cold. I mainly slept, relaxed, and did some reading, but I did do some artwork as well. I recently organized all my reference photos on my computer and I found […]