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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Small Home SketchCrawl

I went to the mall yesterday and did some Christmas shopping and some shopping from myself. Shopping is something that I don’t like to do so much as I find it exhausting and a little stressful. When I got home, I remembered that it was the 25th World Wide SketchCrawl and also the 5th anniversary […]

A Small Mishap

Yesterday I had a bad fall when I was walking my mother’s German Shepherd. The leash got tangled around my thumb and she started running after some sort of small vermin, leaving me flat on my face, with bruised ribs and sprained wrists. I spent all day in bed with wrist splints on, not doing […]

Video Game Sketching

It has been ages since I have tried sketching a portrait from life, so I took the opportunity to draw my boyfriend (twice) while he was playing video games last weekend. He was staying pretty still which was an advantage, and I was behind him so he didn’t even notice me drawing him for quite […]