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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Teeny Tiny Dots

I recently got an email from someone who said they really admired my detailed pen and ink artwork “that looks like teeny tiny dots.” Then I remembered that I had this drawing that I did a few months ago but haven’t posted yet. These are leaves that I collected in my driveway last fall and […]

Morning Sketching

On Thursday, I got home from work and I had an envelope from Michael Nobbs waiting for me. My whole address was written out in his characteristic block lettering and it was such a treat after a long and yucky day. I ordered the first three issues of his zine The Beany. He has just […]


I drew this for the January Virtual Paintout. The location this month is Corsica and I had a lot of fun finding the scene I wanted and carrying it out. This drawing is not in my usual style at all. I drew it with pen and then filled it in with colored pencil. I felt […]

Small Updates

I’ve been making New Year’s resolutions for a long time now and never really lived up to them. This year I feel that for the first time I might actually be able to accomplish some of my goals. I’ve arranged to be home on Fridays now, so that I can spend more time on art. […]

Finding Motivation

Lately I’ve had a hard time finding motivation and have been putting off necessary chores and also sketching. I used to get a lot of work done after I got home from work every day, but for the past few months I have been so exhausted that I have been spending all evening recouping and […]

Checking things off my List

Stone Window, pen and ink and colored pencil (7 x 5), 2009 When I was eighteen I visited Germany with my family. When we were taking a tour of a vineyard in Bad Dürkheim, I snapped a photo of this window and thought it would make a nice drawing. I never got around to making […]