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Monthly Archives: March 2010

A Massive Undertaking

Yesterday I undertook a project of massive proportions: I organized all my art stuff. It was one of my 2010 art goals, but I probably wouldn’t have done it so soon if we didn’t need the dining room table for Easter dinner. I spent over eight hours in total. First I sorted and found things […]

The Drawing Bug

I spent most of today working on a tattoo design that I got as a commission (this is a detail). I did have a lot of fun and I thought it turned out well, especially for not having live lilies in front of me. I used a silk day lily as a model and I used […]

Stavanger, Norway

This is my submission for March Virtual Paintout, which was based from Stavanger, Norway this month. What I loved about the location was the combination of green grass and blue sky found out in the more rural sections. It felt very springlike and inspiring to me. This particular view reminded me of something I might find […]


This is a sketch I made some time ago of my morning bagel while sitting in my cube at work. I find that when I make a small drawing early in the morning, my whole day feels more productive. This week I’ve started a new diet of sorts, a detox, so to speak. This means […]

A Bad Art Day

Today I did get some sketching done, but everything “serious” that I tried to do ended up failing miserably. These kind of days come up for me from time to time, and the hardest thing will be to forget about it tomorrow when I start all over again. These sketches are of a cat named […]

Being in Nature

It makes me a little sad that most of my glimpses of nature are marred by things like bridges. I haven’t gotten out(side) much for the past couple of months and I’m really craving it. This winter actually wasn’t that bad for New England compared to the snow that the Mid Atlantic states got, but […]