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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Non Art Work

I’m not really huge into crafts and it kind of annoys me when crafters/artisans call themselves artists, but every now and then when I’m in a non art mode, I like to make these little magnets. It is fun to pick out the pictures when browsing through old issues of House Beautiful, and I like […]

Practicing with Portraits

There’s no denying that portraits are a tricky business, but after practicing for many years now, I feel that I have mastered the basics. Fine tuning is always necessary, but I rarely make drawings that are so bad I have to tear them up anymore. I have a new challenge coming up though – a […]


I get to see Katie once a week and I often try to draw her, with varied success. Usually she won’t stay in one position long enough for me to be able to get the sketch down, but I have been getting better the more I draw her. I had plenty of time on this particular […]

Meetup with Tigre

I had a chance to meet up with my friend’s roommate’s cat Tigre again last weekend while on a visit. I don’t know if you can tell in these sketches, but he is a very fat cat, and the name Tigre, while sophisticated, doesn’t really seem to fit in my view. My friend calls him “Fatty” and […]

Creative Evolution

The other day I was looking through the recent activity on my flickr account and I came across a comment on a picture I uploaded ages ago. It was surprising to me really, because it was something I did in my former life (notice I don’t sign my work this way anymore) and I wasn’t […]

Mini Zine

I am working on a small zine made from one sheet of paper photocopied and folded into a six page booklet. My plan is to make these drawings after work and on days that I am more tired. After some time I will have enough drawings to make a couple of different editions. I had […]

Spring Bulbs

I also posted this image on Sketching in Nature, the group blog hosted by Cathy Johnson that I participate in. These days I am doing more nature sketching, so expect to see more of me there in the coming weeks, and I usually won’t double post those sketches here. To celebrate the last day of tax season yesterday, […]

Canary Islands Mountainside

Here is my offering for April’s VPO based out of the Canary Islands. I was feeling a little experimental when carrying out this piece, hence the multicolored designs all over the place. I did it on a 5 x 7 watercolor block that I found while cleaning out my art supplies a few weeks back. […]


I just spent a lovely twenty-four hours away from my computer. I still had my computer with me, so I had the option to use it, but I was doing so many other things that I didn’t have the desire. When I checked my email today, I came across this post which really reminded me how […]

Easter Pears

This year Orthodox Easter and regular Easter were on the same day so I had a lot going on, and I started to feel a little stressed at times. After everyone left the house on Sunday evening, I sat in the living room and drew these pears that someone had shipped to me as an Easter […]