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Monthly Archives: July 2010

July Virtual Paintout

I cut it close again with this month’s Virtual Paintout. It was mainly because I was going to lots of summertime parties and cookouts on the weekends which ate into my usual art time. I had some trouble finding a view that I really liked in Hong Kong as well. I’m usually drawn to nature […]

Finishing and Starting new Sketchbooks

I have a small 7 x 10 inch watercolor sketchbook that is in progress right now. I have only four pages left and after that I have a new moleskine watercolor sketchbook to start. I am a little nervous because I have never used one of their watercolor sketchbooks before. There are always people out […]

Julia Kay’s Portrait Party

In an effort to practice my portrait skills, I have joined Julia Kay’s Portrait Party group on flickr. Above you can see drawings I made of Anita Davies and croquisdenico. It is such a great opportunity to gain lots of practice with all kinds of different faces, as well as meet new artists on flickr. […]

Billy Pappas

I get a lot of questions about my last name and whether or not I am related to the “Chicago Pappases” or some random Dr. Pappas. (If you are ever tempted to ask me that, the answer is always “no relation.”) However, I do tend to pay attention when I come across someone else with […]

Open Tulips

These are some tulips that I painted recently from a photo I took back in March. I haven’t painted flowers in ages and I sort of missed it. Plus it has been so hot these days that I haven’t even been going outside to sketch. Organizing has been a big theme of mine this year. […]

Katie Update

Sketching has not been high on my priority list this week, but here is a sketch I made while I was recouperating last week after my surgery. Katie was restless waiting by the door, and I like that I was able to capture her different positions as she shifted. She is doing well these days, except she […]

Happy Fourth

To all my American readers, I hope you all have a wonderful Independence Day weekend. And to everyone else, I hope you have a great weekend as well. For myself, I hope this year is as good of a time for me as last year was. I will try to get some good sketching time in. […]

The Solitude of Prime Numbers

It has been some time since I have been able to read and enjoy a book sufficiently enough to actually finish it. I have been getting bored and easily distracted when reading books, and have often stopped midway through. I decided to give it another shot though, because I wanted to read a book while […]