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8-12-04 sktchbk

©2004 Carolyn A. Pappas, 8-12-2004 Sketchbook Page. Blue fountain pen ink in sketchbook.

Right now I am blogging from someone else’s computer so I feel so awkward typing this. I don’t have anything new to show you yet, but I am in the process of making a “secret” drawing (at least until I give it to the person). I am scanning it as I work, so hopefully I will have a series of WIPs to show you when I am through. This is a sketch that I made six years ago. The mug was lost for a few years but I have since found it and it now holds a place of pride along with all my other favorite mugs.

3 comments to Works are in Progress

  • Love the curved swirls on the inside of the mug. Lends to both the reflection arc and to the shape of the mug itself. Gorgeous work Carolyn. I think you are one amazing artist, truly! Do you do art for a living? Not that I have a marketing clue, but I would guess your pieces do/would sell fabulously!

  • Thank you Sherry. I think I should do a drawing of this mug in colored pencil once. It looks really cool with all the different glazes. I don’t do art for a living right now, but I am looking into it, and some different ways to try to go about it. Thanks for the encouragement!

  • [...] time ago I wrote that I was working on a “secret drawing” and that I was scanning it in as I worked. It has taken me longer than I had anticipated because of [...]

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