My Purple Room

I’ve been spending a lot of time in this room lately and I’ve gotten it cleaned out enough to show you all a picture. Like I said earlier, the purple walls aren’t my favorite, but I really didn’t feel like painting them right now. And I am so excited to have my own space at all that I’m not very picky.

I’ve never had my own room to do my artwork. I’ve always had to use some other part of the house, usually my bedroom and most recently, a large part of the dining room that I commandeered. I had a large table to work on, but it became cumbersome. For example, when we wanted to have Easter dinner at the table, I had to clear everything out. Also, I didn’t have a good place to store my materials and I was always trekking to other parts of the house to look for something. Now I have everything I need in one place, except for a sink. I also like the idea that I can close the door and be alone when I want.

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