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Monthly Archives: November 2010

December Plans

Today is the last day of my month long projects of Art Every Day Month and NaNoDrawMo. I am happy to report that I have completed fifty drawings/paintings and have made artwork on the vast majority of days this month. I almost didn’t finish because I have caught my mother’s cold and was sick in […]

Pink Roses

There is nothing more difficult for a truly creative painter than to paint a rose, because before he can do so, he has first to forget all the roses that were ever painted. -Henri Matisse While I’m thinking about Matisse, I thought I’d post some links: Casey Klahn posted some reader submitted artist’s traits and […]

November Virtual Paintout (Rio de Janeiro)

I finished my submission for the Virtual Paintout (set in Rio de Janeiro) just in time. I skipped October and I didn’t want to miss this month as well. Instead of doing something really detailed and time consuming, this is more of a sketch made up of lots of lines. I really enjoy participating in […]

Back Home

I’m back at home after Thanksgiving and completely wiped out. I did do some sketching over the past few days but not as much as I would have liked. I feel like I got a cooking confidence boost yesterday though. My mom was sick so I cooked the whole Thanksgiving meal with Chris and my […]


I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’ll most likely be offline until Friday as I’ll be busy with Thanksgiving prep, although I’ll still be making drawings to show you when I get back. This year, I am most thankful for my family.

Dried Rose Leaves

I’ve been doing a lot of little watercolors lately, mainly because I am trying to use up this certain sketchbook that I bought as an experiment. I have a long way to go, but I am really unhappy with the paper in it, so I just want to burn through the pages. It is made […]

Digging into the Archives

Art Every Day Month is going well so far. I am so thankful for all the kind comments — it is such an encouragement for me. I also have twenty-five out of fifty drawings/paintings completed for NaNoDrawMo. I have been counting the small watercolors as part of NaNoDrawMo just because of the time involved, but […]

Deerfield River 3

After I painted this yesterday, I looked through some of the other watercolors that I had done recently. It occurred to me that I’ve been using a lot of blue and green. It is a color combination that makes me feel very happy. But, part of the reason is that I accidentally squeezed out way […]

Recent Sketch and Site Update

Yesterday I was looking around on Google Street View for a good scene to use for this month’s Virtual Paintout in Rio de Janeiro. I didn’t find a scene that I wanted to use for the challenge, but I did find an interesting tree to sketch. I was attracted to the shape of the foliage and […]

Portraits of Leaves

Every fall I make some sort of leaf drawing or painting. In fact, leaves seem to be a favorite theme of mine all year long. They seem to have a lot of personality and each one is different, which I love. While doing a Google image search for “paintings of leaves,” I found the site […]