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Monthly Archives: December 2010

2011: The Year for Getting Things Done

This post outlines my 2011 Art Goals. I love this time of year when I can read other artist’s recaps and goals. If you have made such a post, please leave a comment below and I would love to check out yours. I have tons of ideas and I could easily make a list so […]

MMX: Year in Review

Last year I set myself some very basic goals (to make it easy to meet them). I wanted to put in more hours in the studio and declutter and get rid of stuff. I am happy to report that I have been successful on both counts. I did spend a lot more time on my […]

Desk Calendar Experiment

I hope everybody had a great holiday weekend. I had a really nice time myself and now I’m busy cleaning up the house and getting full use from some of my Christmas presents (Bejeweled 3 comes highly recommended). Below are some photos that I copied and pasted together of a desk calendar that I ordered […]

Christmas Greetings

I hope everyone has a peaceful and relaxing Christmas with your families. I am planning on having a nice one myself. I will be back next week with my review of 2010 and my 2011 Art Goals.

All In This Tea

The other day I saw a charming documentary called All In This Tea. It follows David Lee Hoffman, a tea connoisseur and importer, who travels China in search of organic, heirloom teas. It is a thoughtful and relaxing├é┬ámovie to watch, showcasing some beautiful views of the Chinese countryside. It is also educational in a non-boring […]

December 2010 Virtual Paintout – County Clare, Ireland

This is what I finally settled on for my Virtual Paintout submission for December. It wasn’t a sunny scene like I had originally imagined, but it feels cold and windy more like it really is outside right now. Below is the pencil sketch that I completed before I did the pen and ink drawing. I […]

Moo MiniCards

Here is a photo of some Moo MiniCards that I ordered recently. I have never purchased anything from them before, but I have seen examples (Roz wrote a nice review). I wanted something to hand out with my web address and artwork on it, and I thought these were more fun than full size business […]

Another Candidate

Yesterday I was playing around with some watercolors while looking for a scene to paint for my Virtual Paintout submisison. Afterwards I finally settled on what I was going to paint and I spent most of today working on it. I think I will hold off on posting it for a few days though, in […]

I’m Getting Back on My Feet

I am just starting to feel semi-decent again after being sick (read: invalid) for the past week. I haven’t had a bad cold for a few years so I guess I was due for one! I only had the desire to start drawing again yesterday. I started off only wanting to do a “quick sketch” […]