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Moo MiniCards

moo minicardsHere is a photo of some Moo MiniCards that I ordered recently. I have never purchased anything from them before, but I have seen examples (Roz wrote a nice review). I wanted something to hand out with my web address and artwork on it, and I thought these were more fun than full size business cards. I am really happy with how they came out. They show the crisp details of my work and the printing is high quality. The only problem that arose was when I chose a crop using the edge of the image. In this case, there was a small white border on that side, so I will be sure to avoid this situation next time. Their website is very easy to use, but it doesn’t have an option to save your work midway through. I would advise selecting your images beforehand if you are uploading a lot of images. All said, I am happy with my cards and I’m thinking about getting my Christmas cards printed by them next year.

On another note, I also recently updated my Portfolio page. I think it looks a lot more professional that what I had before. I would have liked to incorporate a slide show feature, but I couldn’t get it display to my liking. For 2011, expanding my portfolio will be a major goal, so stay tuned.


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