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December 2010 Virtual Paintout – County Clare, Ireland

county clare ireland painting

©2010 Carolyn A. Pappas, County Clare, Ireland. Ink and watercolor, 6 x 9 inches.

This is what I finally settled on for my Virtual Paintout submission for December. It wasn’t a sunny scene like I had originally imagined, but it feels cold and windy more like it really is outside right now. Below is the pencil sketch that I completed before I did the pen and ink drawing. I ended up painting the sky in just watercolor, but if I had decided to draw the clouds in ink, I would have used lines similar to my sketch.

county clare ireland sketch

©2010 Carolyn A. Pappas, Sketch for County Clare, Ireland. Graphite in sketchbook, 6 x 9 inches.


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