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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Seaside Dahlias

Here is the final image of my work in progress painting. It was a challenge to paint, but a lot of fun and excellent practice in watercolor. The most challenging was not having a drawing to rely on and improvising as I went along. If I had done a detailed drawing first, I know that […]

Dahlias, Part 3

Here are two more photos of my painting in progress. I’ve added more of the leaves and background. I’ve been working on this a little bit each day, trying not to rush myself. I’ve never attempted a watercolor this ambitious before, so I’m trying not to worry so much when things don’t come out perfectly. […]

Dahlias, Part 2

Here is the current progress on my dahlia painting. The colors are not perfect, but I did my best to adjust the photo to match the original. Although I am using a photo reference, I am painting without any underdrawing so it is not as exacting as I would normally work. I’m trying to be […]

Something New (Dahlias)

Here is a early preview of a new painting I started. I’ve been feeling lately that I need to do something more colorful and fun, especially since life can become slightly depressing in the wintertime. This is really an experiment for me, and it is a little scary having no idea how it will turn […]


The other day I was uploading some work to flickr when I got sidetracked and started sorting through some of my groups. I was in so many groups on flickr that it was becoming unwieldy, and many of them didn’t even apply to me any longer. In the process, I (re)discovered Stop.Draw.Run, which I joined months […]

Tuesday Morning Pears

I’ve been trying to get a good amount of artwork done in the mornings before I turn on my computer or otherwise get distracted. This morning, I drew some pears while listening to people on talk radio go back and forth about Chinese Mothers. I am so glad I didn’t have a “tiger mother” because […]

Sketchbook Update

Below are some things that have appeared in my sketchbooks recently. I’ve been setting a timer for myself when sketching and so far this has been really successful with keeping me on task. I keep sketchbooks mainly to practice drawing and to make thumbnail sketches. I’m rarely inspired to do art journal spreads like some […]


I was doing some sketching earlier from some photos I took in Maine last summer. It was a mental escape from my actual environment right now, as seen over at Sketching in Nature.

Drastic Measures

I thought I’d share an interesting issue I had recently, in case the same thing happens to anyone reading. About a year ago I purchased some tubes of M. Graham watercolor paints which I have been, on the whole, really happy with. The only issue I had is one tube of cerulean blue that separated […]

Completed Portrait, At Ease

I started this portrait back in September, but I put it on the shelf and didn’t work on it for months. Finally, I decided to finish it off so I could move onto other things with a clear conscience. I did remember to scan it at different stages of completion (see below). The baseball cap […]