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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Sketching Habits

Today is the first time in over a week that I have sat down to do any sketching. I am taking full responsibility for my lapse, as I’ve done a terrible job with self discipline these days. Starting today, I hope I’ll be able to make the sketching habit stick again.

Blue Sea

This scene is based on a photo I took on a small private beach in Maine that I found while taking a walk along the coast. I made one sketch beforehand, rearranged the rocks just a bit, and changed the colors. Blue is my favorite color, can you tell?

From my Sketchbook

I haven’t been using anything besides pencil in my sketchbooks lately. This is a forty minute sketch of a detail of a glass plade with its shadow.

Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope everyone has a good day, especially if you are feeling depressed. I am planning on having a nice, neutral V-Day this year. I baked a bundt cake with a lemony glazy, and we are ordering pizza tonight.


I made this sketch last night while thinking about how nice it would be for the snow to start melting soon! Over the past few days, I have been doing some watercolor and colored pencil paintings, but I want to look them over some more before posting. Yesterday, I did some cleaning up of my […]

Chickadee Sketch, and thoughts on birds

I had fun making this little sketch of a chickadee for the Wilderness Art Challenge, which is a monthly art challenge hosted by Gary Keimig. He has some really lovely nature art and photography, so I would check him out. The scan didn’t come in that great because of the buckling of the paper, but […]

I’m not really a football person.

Last night I stopped paying attention after the first quarter and instead started sketching Zoe, a lovely black and white long haired cat.

Preliminary Thoughts

Yesterday I was digging through my reference files to do some sketching and I pulled out a photo of some roses from 2009. I did some cropping and I made this sketch, which I am thinking of turning into a painting. However, I learned from my last painting that I should have at least two […]

Mini Rose Sketches

In the past few days sketching has taken a backseat as I’ve been concentrating more on filing paperwork and organizing my house. It is preferable for me to stay on top of things, especially during tax season, or else I will be too distracted to be creative. Today I am excited to get started on […]