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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Jersey Shore Overlook

This is my submission for the July VPO which is on the Island of Jersey. I usually don’t wait so long before submitting my painting, and I finished just in time. I started this picture earlier on in the month, but didn’t get around to finishing it until yesterday. I painted in watercolor first, and […]

Recent Inspirations

Recent mental stress has left me in a creative rut, so I have nothing very interesting to post at the moment. What I have been doing is refilling my “creative reservoirs.” Here are some of the things that I have enjoyed recently. Flipping through old sketchbooks: Ernest Shepard’s original pen and ink drawings of Winnie-the-Pooh. […]

Sketching in the hot, hot sun

The other day I sat outside to draw these beautiful lilies. Unfortunately, it was much too hot for me and I was harassed by bees. I did finish my drawing, but I felt rushed. I added the watercolor later, indoors.

Ink Sketching in Moleskine Cahiers

Some ten minute sketches of a belt that fell off a sweatshirt of mine. My Noodler’s pen and bulletproof black ink seem to work well in my Moleskine cahiers. The ink dries quickly without feathering or smudging and the pen slides over the surface of the paper. I may actually find myself filling these books […]

Painted Bookmarks

I was feeling like painting something not too serious, and I had some scrap watercolor paper on hand. I ended up painting some leaf-like patterns with various greens and blues and turning them into these two bookmarks. I haven’t had a proper bookmark in years so these will get good use. I bought some crochet […]

3rd of July

I hope all my American readers have a wonderful Independence Day celebration. Yesterday we had a great time on the lake with lots of fireworks and fires. Katie had an especially good time and she got a lot of exercise by running in and out of the lake to catch her ball. Today I am […]