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I’m not partaking in Pinterest.

©2010 Carolyn A Pappas, San Miguel de Allende. Watercolor in 5.5 x 8 inch sketchbook.

I had a Pinterest account, and pinned things to it here and there, but I was never a heavy user. I recently decided to delete my account altogether though, as well as add the no pin meta tag to my site and disable pinning on flickr. I have been seeing countless articles online about how bad their TOS is regarding copyright issues and I was disheartened when I read it for myself. I am a great respecter of copyright and don’t want to associate myself with any service that facilitates theft. Although it is an interesting concept for a social media site, I’m not willing to spend time requesting permission from other people to pin their content. While some people are okay with linking to the original source and giving credit, logically this is not enough for me. For now, if I have interesting things to show you, I will just link to them the old fashioned way.

The above image was a practice sketch I made for the October 2010 Virtual Paintout. I never posted it anywhere though, until now.


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