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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Springtime Wishes

It’s finally starting to feel a little like spring here. This winter was especially tough and I’m hopeful that the cold weather will be leaving us soon. Happy Easter to all my readers who observe it. For me, it is becoming more special every year.

Mini View #2 Process Photos – blue watercolor abstracts

Here are some photos I took while working on Mini View #2. I painted on one big sheet of watercolor paper and then sliced it up to form the different images. It was fun to experiment with different compositions and I also got ideas for some abstract drawings that I would like to make in […]

Mini View #2 Finished!

Over the weekend I finished up Mini View #2 and I just made my first copies. I painted it in watercolor, which is different than my last issue which was pen and ink. It is made up of a series of abstract images painted in different shades of blue – I’ve been more drawn to […]

Eagerly Anticipating

Taking care

I’ve been sick deathly ill for over three weeks now with a bad head cold and now a sore throat, ear and jaw pain that won’t go away. I am hoping that the antibiotics I am taking start to kick in. Unfortunately, my art progress has stood at a standstill except for a few sketches […]

Stone Circle

Delicate Morning

One morning after a snow the night before, I was leaving for work and it was so beautiful out that I ran back inside to grab my camera.