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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Art for the Arts Show

Yesterday I had my two pieces, A Mild Winter and Blue Green Waters in the Art for the Arts Show presented by the Auburn MA Cultural Council. I have never displayed my work in a public forum before, so this was a big step for me on a personal level. I was offering them for […]

Further Spring Developments

The blue, blue sky is my favorite thing about this photo. The sedum leaves have also started to pop.

Tree Silhouettes

The reason why I took this photo is because I liked the way the trunk of the middle tree had the unusual curve. It will be in my reference file in case I ever need a similar shaped tree for something. I have to admit that I have not been able to do much artwork […]

After the rain

I stepped outside to take some photos one morning before work after it had rained the night before. I thought of this article that I came across recently: What makes rain smell so good? On this morning, there was the usual after the rain smell, plus the oniony smell of chive.

Early Spring

Some beautiful flowers have started cropping up in the garden. (I would really love to do a colored pencil or watercolor of some of these violas.) I was happy to see the bees were out as well.

Creative Rhythms

March was a slow month for me in terms of output, although I feel like I’ve made progress in other ways. The other night I just happened to pick up my two framed paintings at the same time that the shop owner was holding an artist critique group in the store. I joined in and […]