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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Two Trees Diptych

I’ve been organizing older photos and it has been sparking new ideas.


Some beautiful cascading begonias that we got about a month ago are just starting to fade, so we arranged some of the fallen blossoms in a bowl of water. I took the time to sketch them over the weekend while listening to cooking shows.

Spider by the Water

Taking this photo was a highly stressful experience!

Stone Harbor

I skipped my normal Friday photo posting yesterday because I was at the Shore for a few days. It was a great trip for me as haven’t been outside of New England for a few years and this was Cate’s first time seeing/feeling the ocean. I did not do a lot of sketching while I […]

Extra Day

My workplace closed today, giving me an extra vacation day. I certainly need it, to recover from yesterday’s party which was great fun, but tiring. Katie had the time of her life. Also, the pear tree that I’ve been following has mini pears on it!

The next #twitterartexhibit is coming up!

The next annual #twitterartexhibit will be held in Orlando, Florida from March 20 through April 11, 2014 to benefit The Center for Contemporary Dance’s Special Needs Classes. The official Call for Artists hasn’t been released yet, but the details will be posted later this summer. If you are an artist on Twitter, you are welcome […]