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Monthly Archives: August 2013

August Sunset – pink clouds

Mountain Study

Below is a study I made for a larger painting — an unknown mountain and its reflection. I am not using my own photograph, and the person who took it is deceased, so I may never know where it was.

Katie in the Sunset

Our summertime boat rides are almost over.

Swallowtail and Bee

I rarely see butterflies and the last time I tried to paint one was six years ago! I was blessed to see one in the backyard last weekend and I took a bunch of photos, which are now filed away in my reference file. You will definitely see a painting of this subject in the […]

Running Dry

I sketched these tulips until my pen ran out of ink and then I picked up a colored pencil and used that until it needed sharpening. Then I went to bed!

Lobster (black and white)

As much as they are interesting to look at, I was never able to wrap my mind around eating them.

Circular Blue Abstract

This mini abstract sketch came about after I bought a large plexiglass triangle with a four inch circle cut into the middle of it. Useful for drawing right angles, circles and straight lines, it looks like something you might see in The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies. I bought it at The Guild during my […]

Northampton Greenery

Last Sunday I visited Northampton, Mass. for the day. I like to visit the area about once a year, as I always find a lot of inspiration when I visit, and it reminds me of the years when I was in school. I’ve had a feeling of overwhelm lately which has led to me to […]