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More progress, and some thoughts

pen and ink drawing in progress

©2013 Carolyn A Pappas, Winter House (in progress), Ink (with watercolor to come), 8 x 10 inches.

I was able to work some more on my pen and ink winter scene. I am working from left to right, for fear of dragging my hand through the ink, which would be disastrous. I was on vacation this past week, just staying home and doing mom and house things. It was a nice break from my regular daily life and I got a lot of thinking done.

I also got a lot of organizing and purging done, as well as some work on my projects. I have too many going on right now, so I am going to slow down once I finish some up.

The weather is beautiful around here. We had the boat put into storage for the winter and I changed over my bed to my flannel sheets and duvet cover and my new wool blanket. This past week I have been sleeping with the window open and my winter bed and it has been perfect.

moon sky water tryptch

Moon, Sky, Water. Photographs ©2013 Carolyn A Pappas.

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