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Carolyn A Pappas
Thank you for visiting and welcome. My name is Carolyn A Pappas and I am a self-taught artist based in Massachusetts. My style is representational and I love capturing details and textures in my work. I often use bold colors and stylized linework in my drawings. My main inspiration is nature (landscapes, florals, on location sketching) although I enjoy the occasional portrait or still life as well.

Although I’d love to delve into countless media if I had the chance, I’m limiting myself to watercolor, pen and ink, graphite and colored pencil for the time being. I’m still amazed at what I can do with these simple materials, and I am trying to keep my art practice as portable as possible. Over the past year or so, I’ve become interested in having a minimalist lifestyle.

Outside of art, I spend most of my time caring for my baby daughter Cate or playing with my German Shepherd dog Katie.