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Category Archives: Experiments

Drawing for Pleasure

I had fun last night sitting at my desk with a bowl of nuts. I drew them in ink and then colored them in as if I were working in a coloring book.

Winter House, work in progress

I have a few projects in progress right now: my handmade 2014 calendar for my cubicle at work, my daughter’s handmade birthday card, and this pen and ink (with watercolor) winter landscape. My progress doesn’t look like much, but I have put a lot of work into it already. It is rare for me to […]

Happy Day

Labor Day is one of my favorite holidays because it signals the start to my favorite time of year. Recently, I have been seeing a lot of people signing up for “30 paintings in September” types of challenges. While I’m not up for anything so ambitious, I am planning on doing more artwork this month […]

Mountain Study

Below is a study I made for a larger painting — an unknown mountain and its reflection. I am not using my own photograph, and the person who took it is deceased, so I may never know where it was.

Mini View #2 Process Photos – blue watercolor abstracts

Here are some photos I took while working on Mini View #2. I painted on one big sheet of watercolor paper and then sliced it up to form the different images. It was fun to experiment with different compositions and I also got ideas for some abstract drawings that I would like to make in […]

Golden demo

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a hands-on product demo of Golden acrylic products with instructor Adria Arch who is a member of the GOLDEN Working Artist Program. CPSA District Chapter 112 had arranged for this event and this is the first time I have attended anything organized by the chapter. I am […]

Individual Tree

Casey Klahn has recently started up a facebook painting challenge based on a photo that he posts. I have followed Casey’s blog for a number of years and I really appreciate his insight. I happened across his blog yesterday where he posted his latest photo, and I was really drawn to the image so I […]

Embroidery Experiments

I come from a long line of expert designers and seamstresses and I’ve always felt sad that I haven’t taken on any of that knowledge myself. So, I have been doing some research and have started to do some of my own mending tasks. In particular, I’ve wanted to learn to embroider for a long […]

Working in Tandem

This time I tried something a little different in hopes that it will keep my momentum going. I started a new painting while I was still in the middle of the first one. I find that the beginning stages of a painting are the most boring, and sometimes the hardest part is starting to begin […]