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Category Archives: Pen and Colored Pencil

Drawing for Pleasure

I had fun last night sitting at my desk with a bowl of nuts. I drew them in ink and then colored them in as if I were working in a coloring book.

Running Dry

I sketched these tulips until my pen ran out of ink and then I picked up a colored pencil and used that until it needed sharpening. Then I went to bed!


A family friend saw my last sketch of the mini petunias and requested a similar style drawing of poppies for her husband. Not having any reference photos on hand, I used this photo I found online as a reference. Although I strive to use my own material whenever possible, advanced search in flickr is a […]

Mini Petunias

Last week I did some pen sketching on my front stoop. My goal was to sketch quickly with confident strokes and I think I succeeded. It was very hot and I was in direct sunlight, so I came inside after about fifteen minutes and colored the blossoms yellow.

Light to Dark

At my recent botanical illustration class, the teacher had us close our eyes for about two minutes and then open them and notice what drew our attention. She wanted us to see if we were drawn to the lighter areas or the darker areas of the room first. I noticed the light filtering in through […]

The Last of the Apples

Last week we bought a bag (1/2 peck) of apples and I had the intention of drawing some of them, but I kept putting it off for another day. Until yesterday, that is, when I noticed that there were only three left! I finally drew them before they disappeared for good. And then I drew […]

Olivia in the Blankets, and drawing Whippets

I had another opportunity to draw Olivia, one of my favorite Whippets, this time in ink with watercolor and colored pencil. My first sketches from this past February were done from life in ballpoint pen. When I was making these sketches I was trying to practice and basically figure out how their heads were constructed. […]

Teeny Tiny Dots

I recently got an email from someone who said they really admired my detailed pen and ink artwork “that looks like teeny tiny dots.” Then I remembered that I had this drawing that I did a few months ago but haven’t posted yet. These are leaves that I collected in my driveway last fall and […]


I drew this for the January Virtual Paintout. The location this month is Corsica and I had a lot of fun finding the scene I wanted and carrying it out. This drawing is not in my usual style at all. I drew it with pen and then filled it in with colored pencil. I felt […]

Checking things off my List

Stone Window, pen and ink and colored pencil (7 x 5), 2009 When I was eighteen I visited Germany with my family. When we were taking a tour of a vineyard in Bad Dürkheim, I snapped a photo of this window and thought it would make a nice drawing. I never got around to making […]