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Category Archives: Watercolor

Abstract watercolor on scrap paper.

I’ve been feeling in such a slump recently that I’ve cast aside my goals for the time being in favor of making art for the pure joy of it. This is inspired by these quilts made from recycled saris: beautiful, imperfect and slightly sloppy.

Happy Day

Labor Day is one of my favorite holidays because it signals the start to my favorite time of year. Recently, I have been seeing a lot of people signing up for “30 paintings in September” types of challenges. While I’m not up for anything so ambitious, I am planning on doing more artwork this month […]

Mountain Study

Below is a study I made for a larger painting — an unknown mountain and its reflection. I am not using my own photograph, and the person who took it is deceased, so I may never know where it was.

Watercolors and Wine

Last week my sister and I had the opportunity to take an afternoon watercolor class taught by artist Kara K. Bigda. It was held at the Hardwick Winery and the class was combined with a wine tasting. I had a great time and it was also a fun day with my sister (going out for […]

Postcard Exchange

I mailed this 4×6 inch watercolor to Wil Freeborn this morning. He mailed me this one earlier and I got it with great excitement. It is now in my cubicle at work, inspiring me to paint more watercolor whenever it catches my eye. Would anyone like to do a postcard exchange with me? If you […]

Mini View #2 Process Photos – blue watercolor abstracts

Here are some photos I took while working on Mini View #2. I painted on one big sheet of watercolor paper and then sliced it up to form the different images. It was fun to experiment with different compositions and I also got ideas for some abstract drawings that I would like to make in […]

More Blue Abstracts, and thinking of Values

I’ve been doing a little watercoloring recently, for Mini View #2, which I’m working on now. I’m going to be photocopying it in black and white, so I’m interested to see how the values will reproduce. I know that I could use some practice on the topic of values. Here are some quotes I found […]

Sunday Painting

This past Sunday I took out my watercolors and did a little painting. I know that florals are done so often, but painting flowers really makes me feel joyful and I really needed a break from thinking about recent news events. I painted this from a snapshot I took in Papou’s garden. They are New […]

Slow Day

Yesterday was a sick day–Cate and I both have colds and I was feeling so weak and run down. We spent the day holed up in the house, taking it easy. I kept the TV off all day and just played the radio for Cate. I did do a small amount of watercolor sketching, but […]

End of Summer

The CSA is almost over and now it’s getting colder. Every morning this week I have considered wearing a coat, but have decided against it. Soon, wearing a coat won’t be an option for me. Soon, I will also be turning on the heaters at night and digging out my down comforter. For three weeks […]