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Category Archives: Ten Minute Sketches

My new morning sketching routine.

Recently I’ve rediscovered two small partially used sketchbooks and I’ve decided to make good use of them. I have since finished the first, and have now started on the second, a small moleskine journal I’ve had since 2005. I keep it in my car in the driver’s side door and I’ve been making small 10-15 […]

Ink Sketching in Moleskine Cahiers

Some ten minute sketches of a belt that fell off a sweatshirt of mine. My Noodler’s pen and bulletproof black ink seem to work well in my Moleskine cahiers. The ink dries quickly without feathering or smudging and the pen slides over the surface of the paper. I may actually find myself filling these books […]


The other day I was uploading some work to flickr when I got sidetracked and started sorting through some of my groups. I was in so many groups on flickr that it was becoming unwieldy, and many of them didn’t even apply to me any longer. In the process, I (re)discovered Stop.Draw.Run, which I joined months […]