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New Year’s Giveaway!

This month I’m sending out my first issue of Delicate Paperwork, my email newsletter. To celebrate, I’m offering a giveaway to my subscribers. I’m giving away a set of five notecards featuring my artwork from this past year. To enter, subscribe here and leave a comment on this post using the same email address. If […]

Recent Inspirations

Recent mental stress has left me in a creative rut, so I have nothing very interesting to post at the moment. What I have been doing is refilling my “creative reservoirs.” Here are some of the things that I have enjoyed recently. Flipping through old sketchbooks: Ernest Shepard’s original pen and ink drawings of Winnie-the-Pooh. […]

Desk Calendar Experiment

I hope everybody had a great holiday weekend. I had a really nice time myself and now I’m busy cleaning up the house and getting full use from some of my Christmas presents (Bejeweled 3 comes highly recommended). Below are some photos that I copied and pasted together of a desk calendar that I ordered […]

Beany Giveaway

Last year, I had bought myself a set of the first three issues The Beany, which is the illustrated journal of Michael Nobbs. I enjoyed them and I am now looking to give them away to someone who will enjoy them as well. At one time in my life I wanted to hold onto all the […]

Non Art Work

I’m not really huge into crafts and it kind of annoys me when crafters/artisans call themselves artists, but every now and then when I’m in a non art mode, I like to make these little magnets. It is fun to pick out the pictures when browsing through old issues of House Beautiful, and I like […]

Creative Evolution

The other day I was looking through the recent activity on my flickr account and I came across a comment on a picture I uploaded ages ago. It was surprising to me really, because it was something I did in my former life (notice I don’t sign my work this way anymore) and I wasn’t […]

Sketching in Nature Blog

Cathy Johnson invited me to be a contributor to her new group blog, Sketching in Nature. You can read my introductory post here. Go check it out — there are a lot of really talented artists featured. I can’t wait to get started!

A Random Sketch and some other Randomness

Mr Bean on the Diving Board, Lamy fountain pen and colored pencil in sketchbook, Jan 2009 I love Mr. Bean. I’m normally a very serious person but I find Rowan Atkinson (especially his Mr. Bean character) so funny. I paused the video at 3:13 to make this tiny sketch. The highly esteemed Ces of Ces […]

Procrastination and Being Overwhelmed

I feel like I have sort of dropped off the face of the earth lately as I have been so overwhelmed by all the work I have to do. Next year I am going to get my handmade Christmas presents done months ahead of time because I will never be able to do this again! […]