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Abstract watercolor on scrap paper.

I’ve been feeling in such a slump recently that I’ve cast aside my goals for the time being in favor of making art for the pure joy of it. This is inspired by these quilts made from recycled saris: beautiful, imperfect and slightly sloppy.

Happy Day

Labor Day is one of my favorite holidays because it signals the start to my favorite time of year. Recently, I have been seeing a lot of people signing up for “30 paintings in September” types of challenges. While I’m not up for anything so ambitious, I am planning on doing more artwork this month […]

Circular Blue Abstract

This mini abstract sketch came about after I bought a large plexiglass triangle with a four inch circle cut into the middle of it. Useful for drawing right angles, circles and straight lines, it looks like something you might see in The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies. I bought it at The Guild during my […]

Mini View #2 Process Photos – blue watercolor abstracts

Here are some photos I took while working on Mini View #2. I painted on one big sheet of watercolor paper and then sliced it up to form the different images. It was fun to experiment with different compositions and I also got ideas for some abstract drawings that I would like to make in […]

More Blue Abstracts, and thinking of Values

I’ve been doing a little watercoloring recently, for Mini View #2, which I’m working on now. I’m going to be photocopying it in black and white, so I’m interested to see how the values will reproduce. I know that I could use some practice on the topic of values. Here are some quotes I found […]

Blue Green Leaves

A few weeks ago, I painted this abstract painting (thinking of leaves) on a blank watercolor card. I thought it was fitting to post, as I just showed you the blue and green abstract colored pencil drawing I made in my last post. I have also done another watercolor painting (more in my regular style) […]

Colored Pencil Exercises, Part 3

My latest colored pencil class was a bit unusual for me, as we worked on abstracts. Although I have made abstract drawings in my sketchbooks before, it’s rare that I have the desire to dabble in them. We started off by sketching in the Contemporary Gallery, featuring the exhibition Carrie Moyer: Interstellar. We were to […]

Wool Tufts, and giveaway winner

This abstract drawing is inspired by the tufts of hair of my flokati rug. These days I like to make abstract, repetitive drawings while Cate takes mini naps during the day. This drawing was especially fun to make with my Noodler’s Flex Nib pen. Congratulations to Endment who is the winner of my notecard giveaway. […]