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The Whippet Essence

These are some sketches of Reuben and Olivia, some Whippet dogs that I have gotten to know over the past few months. Whippets are extremely fidgety dogs and they have a lot of energy. This makes sketching them while awake both challenging and rewarding. I wish I had more opportunities like this to sketch living, […]

Anticipatory Anxiety

Instead of looking forward to Christmas this year, I’m sorry to say that I’m sort of looking forward to when Christmas is over. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great family and a wonderful partner, and I haven’t had any traumatic childhood Christmas experiences. I have just become overwhelmed with it all. I am […]

The Power of Less

Blind Contour David. Ballpoint. 2005. It’s not normal that I post a book review here, especially a non art related book. I recently finished reading The Power of Less by Leo Babauta (author of the famous Zen Habits blog) and I found it so helpful that I thought someone else out there might appreciate it […]

Memorial Day Weekend Sketching

Northampton Garden, ink and wash in 10 x 7 watercolor sketchbook, 5/24/09 Mall Starbucks, ballpoint and marker in moleskine, 5/25/09 I went to Northampton on Sunday and made the top drawing of the garden while sitting outside the back entrance to Thorne’s Market. I wish I had done more actual sketching but I got really […]

Cubicle Sketch

I often come to work early because the place is quiet and I can get myself situated. Sometimes I write in my journal; sometimes I sketch the contents of my cube. If you can’t tell what the contents are, the are (from left to right): my pop up pen holder that I got in India, […]

More Panera Sketches

These are some sketches that I’ve done at Panera, on different occasions. I am going to have to find another weekend sketching spot pretty soon. The staff is starting to recognize me and I need to change things up. However, there are no independently run coffee shops, only chain stores like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or […]

Japanese Maple on a Rainy Day

It was a rainy Friday afternoon and I had come home from work to an empty house, relieved that the workweek was through but uncomfortable that I had nothing to do that weekend. I sat in my kitchen and sketched this while listening to Pink Moon by Nick Drake and generally feeling very melancholy. Nick […]

It was a good Good Friday

At the Radio Station, ballpoint and tombow marker, 4/10/09 Coffee, ballpoint and tombow marker, 4/10/09 I had Good Friday off from work, which was a welcome break. It gave me a chance to volunteer to answer phones for the Spring Pledge Drive of the Q 99.7. They are a listener supported station and stay on […]

Quarter 1 Review

I never used to think in terms of Quarters until I started paying more attention to the financial world. Now, I tend to measure my goals in terms of quarters instead of months or weeks. In terms of my art goals, Q1 was a mixed bag. I did a lot of work (definitely more than […]

Sketching and People Watching at the Jiffy Lube

Sketching at the Jiffy Lube, ballpoint and tombow N95 in Moleskine, 3/28/09 I had to get my oil changed and it is usually the busiest on Saturday mornings because that it when a lot of people have spare time to take care of mundane things (like oil changes). They told me it was going to […]