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Embroidery Experiments

I come from a long line of expert designers and seamstresses and I’ve always felt sad that I haven’t taken on any of that knowledge myself. So, I have been doing some research and have started to do some of my own mending tasks. In particular, I’ve wanted to learn to embroider for a long […]

Blue Bookmarks

I decided to make more bookmarks in the same vein as these. I really didn’t have any use for them though, but thankfully I knew three people in need of a new bookmark.

Painted Bookmarks

I was feeling like painting something not too serious, and I had some scrap watercolor paper on hand. I ended up painting some leaf-like patterns with various greens and blues and turning them into these two bookmarks. I haven’t had a proper bookmark in years so these will get good use. I bought some crochet […]

Pottery Class, trying something new

This past Saturday I took a three hour workshop, Learn to Use the Potter’s Wheel, at the Worcester Center for Crafts. It was something that was on my mental “bucket list” and I’m glad that I took the opportunity. I have always loved watching videos of pottery being made, and thought it would be a […]

Non Art Work

I’m not really huge into crafts and it kind of annoys me when crafters/artisans call themselves artists, but every now and then when I’m in a non art mode, I like to make these little magnets. It is fun to pick out the pictures when browsing through old issues of House Beautiful, and I like […]