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On using photo references in my artwork

I came across the story of the Lisa Congdon vs Cody Foster copyright dispute recently, including this article by Brian Sherwin (the comments are very heated). If you want a good synopsis, Katherine Tyrrell has a great article on it here: Copyright for Artists – Congdon vs Cody Foster. While I don’t support Cody Foster […]

Stormy Day

I was so blessed that we didn’t suffer any damage or power outages from Sandy. She was not so kind to many other people however, including some of my family, so I am sad about that. Work was called off on Monday, giving me more time with Cate (which I am so thankful for). I […]


A family friend saw my last sketch of the mini petunias and requested a similar style drawing of poppies for her husband. Not having any reference photos on hand, I used this photo I found online as a reference. Although I strive to use my own material whenever possible, advanced search in flickr is a […]

Greeting Cards

I am attending a wedding later this summer. Instead of buying a generic card, I decided to paint my own, making it a part of the gift. I feel that it is a big risk and also an imposition to give someone artwork unless you are positive they will love it. Painting a greeting card, on the other […]

Creative Evolution

The other day I was looking through the recent activity on my flickr account and I came across a comment on a picture I uploaded ages ago. It was surprising to me really, because it was something I did in my former life (notice I don’t sign my work this way anymore) and I wasn’t […]