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Art for the Arts Show

Yesterday I had my two pieces, A Mild Winter and Blue Green Waters in the Art for the Arts Show presented by the Auburn MA Cultural Council. I have never displayed my work in a public forum before, so this was a big step for me on a personal level. I was offering them for […]

Creative Rhythms

March was a slow month for me in terms of output, although I feel like I’ve made progress in other ways. The other night I just happened to pick up my two framed paintings at the same time that the shop owner was holding an artist critique group in the store. I joined in and […]

Taking care

I’ve been sick deathly ill for over three weeks now with a bad head cold and now a sore throat, ear and jaw pain that won’t go away. I am hoping that the antibiotics I am taking start to kick in. Unfortunately, my art progress has stood at a standstill except for a few sketches […]

Books I Read in 2012, part 2

Here I continue my two part series of the books I read this past year. If you know of any books that may interest me, please leave a comment. The Forgotten Waltz by Anne Enright. From the very start I was not taken up by this book, but I kept reading until the end hoping […]


Yesterday reminded me how isolated I have become. Holed up inside a cubicle all day, with no idea what is going on in the world, I’m thinking of all my little issues when I hear about this elementary school shooting. All of the sudden, my small issues seem very insignificant. It’s very sad what school […]

Thanksgiving Artist Date

On Wednesday I had a bit of time to spend so I had a small artist date at the Worcester Art Museum. I went there especially to see the exhibit “Jill Slosburg-Ackerman — In Rome: The Pine Grove. And. Natura naturans; natura naturata.” It’s not usually like me to be drawn to installation type artwork, […]

Saturday Sketching

A beautiful open rose (pink) sketched while Cate was on her nani nani (a term for nap in Greek). I haven’t been very inspired to sketch lately, but today I forced myself to sit down with some pencils and my sketchbook, and I got completely lost for about an hour or so. I can honestly […]

Filling the Page

When I was younger I used to make many small drawings on one sketchbook/journal page. One day my art teacher was looking through my book and suggested that I make my drawings bigger, to “fill the page.” Ever since then I’ve been making larger drawings, and I’ve noticed that they have more impact. Even so, […]

Inside Day

A chilly, rainy, gray/grey day – perfect for pencil sketching out the widow.

Four Months

Cate is four months old now. The time really is going by quickly and she is already so much different than when she was born. She has been trying to roll over for the past two months and she finally managed to do it last week. I am thankful for her every day!