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One Year

I made this card for my daughter’s first birthday. I painted it in watercolor first, and then went over it with diluted Noodler’s Eternal Luxury Blue ink in my flex nib pen. I wrote a message inside the card and sealed it. I am planning on making one every year and then giving them to […]

Blue Green Leaves

A few weeks ago, I painted this abstract painting (thinking of leaves) on a blank watercolor card. I thought it was fitting to post, as I just showed you the blue and green abstract colored pencil drawing I made in my last post. I have also done another watercolor painting (more in my regular style) […]


A family friend saw my last sketch of the mini petunias and requested a similar style drawing of poppies for her husband. Not having any reference photos on hand, I used this photo I found online as a reference. Although I strive to use my own material whenever possible, advanced search in flickr is a […]

In Situ

My sister frames almost all the art I give her. These are original paintings on blank greeting cards given as birthday gifts over the years. The framer cut apart the cards and glued the inside to the back of the frame so you can read the date and message.

Light to Dark

At my recent botanical illustration class, the teacher had us close our eyes for about two minutes and then open them and notice what drew our attention. She wanted us to see if we were drawn to the lighter areas or the darker areas of the room first. I noticed the light filtering in through […]

Greeting Cards

I am attending a wedding later this summer. Instead of buying a generic card, I decided to paint my own, making it a part of the gift. I feel that it is a big risk and also an imposition to give someone artwork unless you are positive they will love it. Painting a greeting card, on the other […]