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Nature Sketching Update

This past weekend I went outside and attempted nature sketching again. I am trying not to expose myself to a lot of chemicals, which makes repelling mosquitoes kind of difficult. I read somewhere that mosquitoes do not like the smell of vanilla, so I tried using some vanilla perfume that I have from the Body […]


The other day I was uploading some work to flickr when I got sidetracked and started sorting through some of my groups. I was in so many groups on flickr that it was becoming unwieldy, and many of them didn’t even apply to me any longer. In the process, I (re)discovered Stop.Draw.Run, which I joined months […]

All In This Tea

The other day I saw a charming documentary called All In This Tea. It follows David Lee Hoffman, a tea connoisseur and importer, who travels China in search of organic, heirloom teas. It is a thoughtful and relaxing movie to watch, showcasing some beautiful views of the Chinese countryside. It is also educational in a non-boring […]

Snapshots, Lost and Found

A few months ago, when undertaking my massive organizational project, I found some photos in an album that I thought I threw away a few years ago. I debated chucking them right then and there, but decided to hold onto some of the photos in case I can develop them into later works. This drawing […]

Sketching with Marker

This sketch was meant as a practice sketch for a painting that I have been meaning to do for some time. I took out my Tombow markers for it, which I don’t use too often. They are fun to work with as they have both a brush and fine line tip and I have about […]

High Productivity

This is a sketch I made of the ocean at low tide when I was visiting Ogunquit, Maine a few weeks ago. It was a nice mid week mini-trip and I took lots of reference photos. I will most likely start working from these when I finish the big drawing that I am working on […]

The Solitude of Prime Numbers

It has been some time since I have been able to read and enjoy a book sufficiently enough to actually finish it. I have been getting bored and easily distracted when reading books, and have often stopped midway through. I decided to give it another shot though, because I wanted to read a book while […]

Thought for Today

Thought for today: take a breath. I am having a nice time making sketches and using my incentive spirometer, taking many breaks to walk around the house and not sit in one place too long. We’ve also got vegetable soup simmering on the stove smelling really nice. I updated my links page as well, so take a […]

The Hall of Justice

I made this quirky drawing while in the Jury Pool waiting room (it was too big to scan at once so I had to stitch two scans together). I had only been called in for Jury Duty one other time, and not in this particular courthouse. By the time I drove into the city, found […]

Small Home SketchCrawl

I went to the mall yesterday and did some Christmas shopping and some shopping from myself. Shopping is something that I don’t like to do so much as I find it exhausting and a little stressful. When I got home, I remembered that it was the 25th World Wide SketchCrawl and also the 5th anniversary […]