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Hurricane Non-Event

Hurricane (tropical storm) Irene proved to be a real non-event for my family other than our power going out for one hour. There was a gentle, steady rain with almost no wind. I’ve seen the lake more choppy on a sunny day in fact. It was generally just a gray, yucky day. Thankfully, I baked […]

Ink Sketching in Moleskine Cahiers

Some ten minute sketches of a belt that fell off a sweatshirt of mine. My Noodler’s pen and bulletproof black ink seem to work well in my Moleskine cahiers. The ink dries quickly without feathering or smudging and the pen slides over the surface of the paper. I may actually find myself filling these books […]

My Thoughts on Noodler’s Inks

As promised in my last post, here are my thoughts on the Noodler’s Inks that I recently purchased. I bought the Lexington Gray and the Bulletproof Black, both of which claim to be waterproof. Here are my conclusions: I really love the Lexington Gray and think that this will be the main ink that I’m […]

Finishing and Starting new Sketchbooks

I have a small 7 x 10 inch watercolor sketchbook that is in progress right now. I have only four pages left and after that I have a new moleskine watercolor sketchbook to start. I am a little nervous because I have never used one of their watercolor sketchbooks before. There are always people out […]

Tea on Rainy Days

I had a lot of plans for this weekend — lots of things to do, projects to finish, etc. Somehow nothing I had planned seemed to work out, and I ended up wasting most of yesterday playing Bejeweled. Today it is raining and kind of chilly. I’m also a little bummed out because my scanner […]


I just spent a lovely twenty-four hours away from my computer. I still had my computer with me, so I had the option to use it, but I was doing so many other things that I didn’t have the desire. When I checked my email today, I came across this post which really reminded me how […]

Morning Sketching

On Thursday, I got home from work and I had an envelope from Michael Nobbs waiting for me. My whole address was written out in his characteristic block lettering and it was such a treat after a long and yucky day. I ordered the first three issues of his zine The Beany. He has just […]

Anticipatory Anxiety

Instead of looking forward to Christmas this year, I’m sorry to say that I’m sort of looking forward to when Christmas is over. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great family and a wonderful partner, and I haven’t had any traumatic childhood Christmas experiences. I have just become overwhelmed with it all. I am […]

Small Home SketchCrawl

I went to the mall yesterday and did some Christmas shopping and some shopping from myself. Shopping is something that I don’t like to do so much as I find it exhausting and a little stressful. When I got home, I remembered that it was the 25th World Wide SketchCrawl and also the 5th anniversary […]

A Small Mishap

Yesterday I had a bad fall when I was walking my mother’s German Shepherd. The leash got tangled around my thumb and she started running after some sort of small vermin, leaving me flat on my face, with bruised ribs and sprained wrists. I spent all day in bed with wrist splints on, not doing […]