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Variety in line widths.

I filled up my larger M size nib LAMY pen with the same Lexington Gray ink that I’ve been using in the EF nib. I’ve always avoided larger nibs in favor of super fine detail, but after some thought and observing a number of my older drawings, I decided to try out something a little […]

Swallowtail and Bee

I rarely see butterflies and the last time I tried to paint one was six years ago! I was blessed to see one in the backyard last weekend and I took a bunch of photos, which are now filed away in my reference file. You will definitely see a painting of this subject in the […]

Lobster (black and white)

As much as they are interesting to look at, I was never able to wrap my mind around eating them.

Spider by the Water

Taking this photo was a highly stressful experience!

Stone Harbor

I skipped my normal Friday photo posting yesterday because I was at the Shore for a few days. It was a great trip for me as haven’t been outside of New England for a few years and this was Cate’s first time seeing/feeling the ocean. I did not do a lot of sketching while I […]

More recent sketches of brush and weeds.

Every page in this particular sketchbook is starting to look very similar. I hope to finish it by August if I continue at this rate, but soon I think I will change up my subject matter a little bit. You can see more sketches that I’ve posted at Sketching in Nature. Besides sketching, I have […]

June Plants in my Sketchbook.

From reviewing my sketchbook recently, my interests are apparent. I’ve noticed that I have a very distinctive style when sketching foliage and weeds. I am not trying to draw every last leaf, but I am drawn to the various shapes of the leaves. With this sketch of the pansies, I was working quickly using the […]

Swan Family

The swans were by our shoreline for over four hours, finding little bites to eat in our little cove. A family of seven!

Chance Encounter

In the Lawn

We don’t spray chemicals all over the lawn, and it is much more interesting because of it.