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Winter House (working title)

Above you can see that I finished up with the ink, which represented the bulk of the work with this piece. I decided to crop an inch off the height of the picture which puts more emphasis on the trees in my opinion. Then I went in with washes of neutral tint (almost black) and […]

More progress, and some thoughts

I was able to work some more on my pen and ink winter scene. I am working from left to right, for fear of dragging my hand through the ink, which would be disastrous. I was on vacation this past week, just staying home and doing mom and house things. It was a nice break […]

Winter House, work in progress

I have a few projects in progress right now: my handmade 2014 calendar for my cubicle at work, my daughter’s handmade birthday card, and this pen and ink (with watercolor) winter landscape. My progress doesn’t look like much, but I have put a lot of work into it already. It is rare for me to […]

Deerfield Orchard in Winter

Working on this piece reminded me of that bitter cold feeling from the depths of winter. Even though a lot of people complain about winter, I think it can be really beautiful outside and it is my favorite time of year to be holed up inside working on art. This was the perfect little drawing […]

Winter Orchard in progress

Here is a view of a pen and ink drawing I am working on at the moment, inspired by a scene I saw in Deerfield, MA after a snowstorm. I loved the layered look of the rows of dormant apple trees. I am planning on taking watercolor to it once I finish with the pen […]

Hardwick View

I’ve been a bit slow in scanning by sketchbook, but I do have some pen and ink sketches to post soon from my recent drawing experiment. Here is a small ink and watercolor that I completed not long ago, and mailed off to Germany for a swap. I got mine in the mail yesterday, which […]

Turquoise Sea

This is nothing like what I normally do, but I rather like it. It was fun to work on, which is the main thing I want out of my artwork these days. It reminds me of some kind of fantasy land from Haroun and the Sea of Stories or some other fantasy novel. This is […]

Feeding the Green River

This little piece depicts one of the many waterfalls that empty into the Green River. After Hurricane Irene, my husband and I drove around to survey the damage and I snapped a photo that I used as a reference. The river and the streams were flowing a lot faster than normal, which made for a […]

Silent Night

Now that I don’t have a studio with everything set up already, it’s getting tough for me to paint in watercolor in between all the baby stuff that I do every few hours. But yesterday, Cate took an extra long nap and I got to do a little painting. I did this for the January […]

Sketching in the hot, hot sun

The other day I sat outside to draw these beautiful lilies. Unfortunately, it was much too hot for me and I was harassed by bees. I did finish my drawing, but I felt rushed. I added the watercolor later, indoors.