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Mid Week Snow Day

Having the day off from work today is a real blessing for me. I do not mind having a break and staying in all day. It is a chance for me to relax a little and to work on some of my own work. I have been very frustrated lately with my artwork. I managed […]

Fall Clean Up

The water level has dropped quite a bit and we’ve been doing some cleaning up outside. And inside. I’ve noticed that I’ve accumulated a lot of extra stuff and I am methodically getting rid of the excess. I’ve noticed that I have a lot of mini sketchbooks (4 x 6 inch size). I have enough […]

On using photo references in my artwork

I came across the story of the Lisa Congdon vs Cody Foster copyright dispute recently, including this article by Brian Sherwin (the comments are very heated). If you want a good synopsis, Katherine Tyrrell has a great article on it here: Copyright for Artists – Congdon vs Cody Foster. While I don’t support Cody Foster […]

More progress, and some thoughts

I was able to work some more on my pen and ink winter scene. I am working from left to right, for fear of dragging my hand through the ink, which would be disastrous. I was on vacation this past week, just staying home and doing mom and house things. It was a nice break […]

Last day on the lake.

I’m a bit delayed in getting my photo(s) up this week, mostly due to this blog being on the back burner, at least for the moment. After frittering away the entire summer in my sketchbook and otherwise doing nothing, I’ve finally gotten started on some more serious “frame-able” pictures which I will post in progress […]

In the Apple Orchard

I have lived in Massachusetts for over twenty years and I can’t believe that I have never gone apple picking until this year when we took Cate. Yes, I have been to orchard farm stands and bought apples that were already harvested, but I never wandered through the orchard myself and plucked the ripe fruit […]

End of Summer Swans

The Swan Family returned for a visit the other day, except with only three young ones this time. They have grown so much in only three months! I tried to make some sketches yesterday evening but my results were so shaky that I will put in more practice until I post anything!

Zinnias on a rainy day.

We had cosmos in the garden this year but they turned into tall weed looking things with only one or two blossoms (overwatering?). The zinnias, however, turned out beautifully. Next year I will recommend skipping the cosmos altogether and planting extra zinnias!

August Sunset – pink clouds

Katie in the Sunset

Our summertime boat rides are almost over.