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Mini View #2 Finished!

Over the weekend I finished up Mini View #2 and I just made my first copies. I painted it in watercolor, which is different than my last issue which was pen and ink. It is made up of a series of abstract images painted in different shades of blue – I’ve been more drawn to […]


A few weeks ago I did a relatively quick Sunday morning pen and ink drawing to be published in Destiny Zine #2, a zine with the theme of empowering girls and women. The drawing is inspired by a photo I took while visiting Lake Eden, VT about a month ago. I had the idea that […]

Prints for Sale

I’m happy to announce that I now have prints of my painting Blue Green Waters available through Fine Art America. I’ve been wanting to get prints made of my work for a long time now, but I was stalled weighing out all the different options. I decided to try out Fine Art America after reading […]

Mini View

Last week I did not work on any “serious” art projects, although I did finish up something that I have wanted to do for a long time. I have wanted to make a one page mini zine for years now, probably since 2004 when I first saw one. For various reasons, I never got around […]

A Dahlia for Christmas, with Work in Progress Photos

This is my latest painting, which I used as the image for my Christmas cards this year. I painted it in watercolor first, and then went over it with colored pencil. I wanted something really bright and bold, and I think that I got what I was going for even though it isn’t blatantly Christmas […]

Desk Calendar Experiment

I hope everybody had a great holiday weekend. I had a really nice time myself and now I’m busy cleaning up the house and getting full use from some of my Christmas presents (Bejeweled 3 comes highly recommended). Below are some photos that I copied and pasted together of a desk calendar that I ordered […]

Moo MiniCards

Here is a photo of some Moo MiniCards that I ordered recently. I have never purchased anything from them before, but I have seen examples (Roz wrote a nice review). I wanted something to hand out with my web address and artwork on it, and I thought these were more fun than full size business […]