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Stone Harbor

I skipped my normal Friday photo posting yesterday because I was at the Shore for a few days. It was a great trip for me as haven’t been outside of New England for a few years and this was Cate’s first time seeing/feeling the ocean. I did not do a lot of sketching while I […]

Light to Dark

At my recent botanical illustration class, the teacher had us close our eyes for about two minutes and then open them and notice what drew our attention. She wanted us to see if we were drawn to the lighter areas or the darker areas of the room first. I noticed the light filtering in through […]

Elba Mountainside

Another small painting from Google Street View in Elba, this time experimenting with my new Derwent Coloursoft colored pencils. I like the soft feel of these pencils and they come in a lot of natural looking colors, but I have trouble distinguishing different colors from one another. I tend to draw with a ton of […]

Turquoise Sea

This is nothing like what I normally do, but I rather like it. It was fun to work on, which is the main thing I want out of my artwork these days. It reminds me of some kind of fantasy land from Haroun and the Sea of Stories or some other fantasy novel. This is […]

Old, old watercolor

I’ve been scanning a box of photos so I can throw out the originals and declutter my space. Recently, I found this small seascape, painted in 1994. Back then, I usually copied from photos in magazines, but I made up this scene in my head. At the time, I remember being so proud of myself […]

2012 Non-Goals

I hope everybody has a prosperous and productive New Year. Because 2011 was so crazy for me and I have no idea what will happen in 2012, I’ve decided not to declare any set goals. I did write a list of things that I would like to accomplish, but I have no idea if any […]

Sardinia Seaside View

This is my submission for this month’s Virtual Paintout, located on the island of Sardinia. Looking around on Google Street View, I thought that this would be the perfect vacation spot for me. I love the dramatic landscape, and the sea is so beautiful. I would love to go there for a week or two […]

Jersey Shore Overlook

This is my submission for the July VPO which is on the Island of Jersey. I usually don’t wait so long before submitting my painting, and I finished just in time. I started this picture earlier on in the month, but didn’t get around to finishing it until yesterday. I painted in watercolor first, and […]

Blue Sea

This scene is based on a photo I took on a small private beach in Maine that I found while taking a walk along the coast. I made one sketch beforehand, rearranged the rocks just a bit, and changed the colors. Blue is my favorite color, can you tell?


I was doing some sketching earlier from some photos I took in Maine last summer. It was a mental escape from my actual environment right now, as seen over at Sketching in Nature.