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Sketchbook Update

Below are some things that have appeared in my sketchbooks recently. I’ve been setting a timer for myself when sketching and so far this has been really successful with keeping me on task. I keep sketchbooks mainly to practice drawing and to make thumbnail sketches. I’m rarely inspired to do art journal spreads like some […]

Practicing with Portraits

There’s no denying that portraits are a tricky business, but after practicing for many years now, I feel that I have mastered the basics. Fine tuning is always necessary, but I rarely make drawings that are so bad I have to tear them up anymore. I have a new challenge coming up though – a […]

Finding Motivation

Lately I’ve had a hard time finding motivation and have been putting off necessary chores and also sketching. I used to get a lot of work done after I got home from work every day, but for the past few months I have been so exhausted that I have been spending all evening recouping and […]


Life is one long process of getting tired. -Samuel Butler I’m sick at the moment, with a cold or the flu I’m not sure. Most days I haven’t been sketching at all, but on the days that I have been sketching, I haven’t been making anything presentable enough to post. Today I am sipping hot […]

Showing Up

I had a full day yesterday, but sadly left drawing until the very end. Not wanting to put off drawing for the day, I decided to do some late night sketching before the clock struck twelve. I was wearing my “do rag” in my hair and my long sleeved flannel nightgown (the a/c was on). […]

Absent Without Official Leave

I’m not going to apologize for neglecting this blog, because I’ve been paying attention to the rest of my life instead, and that is a good thing. Yesterday I was sitting with Papou in the hospital and he told me about the time that he went AWOL from basic training so he could visit Chattanooga, […]

I am Becoming an Underachiever

“Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.” Matthew 26:41 This verse describes my current situation, on a variety of fronts. Enough said. This is the only drawing I have made all week. I will be remaking this drawing at some later date, […]

Things that are In Progress

This is an unfinished sketch for something that I’m working on – a small taste for you. I have a general idea of where I will go with it. Below is a video of a José González song that I like. The animation is sort of trippy. It was also what I was listening to […]

Me on the Mid Year

Having just finished my mid year review for my regular job, I knew it was time to write my art mid year review as well. So far this year has been one of my best ever, and I am very excited about the rest of it. For the first time in my life, I feel […]

Self Portrait, and mourning my 2B

Self Portrait, graphite in sketchbook, 5/17/09 This is my most accurate self portrait, at least to how I look in the mirror. I really tried to get the proportions right, and I even drew in my unusual (and not matching) eyes. I started it late at night and stayed up so late working on it […]