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August Sunset – pink clouds

Birthday Sunset

Here is my finished painting: I chose the title Birthday Sunset because this was the sunset on the evening that I was hosting Cate’s first birthday party this past November. I was drawn to the peachy pinks and the dramatic clouds above. Although I based it on my own photo reference, I altered the final […]

Further work

My colored pencil painting is almost done and I am itching to get moving on the next one. I did more on the water, made some changes to clouds in the sky, and deepened the darks of the land mass.

Weather Blessings

The storm was such a blessing to me, as I was let off work early on Friday and got to spend more time with Cate and on my colored pencil work. We didn’t lose power at all, but we did have a small plumbing mishap (unrelated to the storm) which was a small damper on […]

Since turning thirty

Last December when I was doing my year end review, I found myself thinking about how I have changed over the years, especially in my style preferences. I turned thirty this past year, so I thought it would be a good time to reflect on some of the changes. I’m more confident in my preferences. […]

New Drawing Music: Lovisa Samuelsson

I recently came across this musician online and I really love her work. I have never emailed a musician until now, when I contacted her to inquire where to find her music to download. She is still working on her ep at the moment, but she was so kind to mail me a cd of […]

2013 Art Goals

Welcome to 2013, my friends. Because of limited time and my chronic illness, I am going to be realistic about what I can do this coming year. Here are my goals: Work in a series as my main focus. I have already started this (my sunset paintings) and I’m looking forward to continuing with this […]

2012: My Year in Review

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know that it is my tradition to post a year end recap post with all the highlights. This year I have been adjusting nicely to my role as a mom, which I love. I started a new job which has also been positive […]

Books I Read in 2012, part 1

Even with all that went on this year, I spent a fair amount of time reading. I’m publishing a two part blog post with short reviews summarizing what I read this past year. I grabbed most of these books from the New Fiction rack at the library, although next year I’m planning on being a […]

Working in Tandem

This time I tried something a little different in hopes that it will keep my momentum going. I started a new painting while I was still in the middle of the first one. I find that the beginning stages of a painting are the most boring, and sometimes the hardest part is starting to begin […]