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Variety in line widths.

I filled up my larger M size nib LAMY pen with the same Lexington Gray ink that I’ve been using in the EF nib. I’ve always avoided larger nibs in favor of super fine detail, but after some thought and observing a number of my older drawings, I decided to try out something a little […]

Winter House (working title)

Above you can see that I finished up with the ink, which represented the bulk of the work with this piece. I decided to crop an inch off the height of the picture which puts more emphasis on the trees in my opinion. Then I went in with washes of neutral tint (almost black) and […]

In the Apple Orchard

I have lived in Massachusetts for over twenty years and I can’t believe that I have never gone apple picking until this year when we took Cate. Yes, I have been to orchard farm stands and bought apples that were already harvested, but I never wandered through the orchard myself and plucked the ripe fruit […]

Two Trees Diptych

I’ve been organizing older photos and it has been sparking new ideas.

Newport Tree

Taken from a moving car in Newport, RI. It was a sunny day and both the streets and water were crowded.

Sketches on my mind.

I have been making lots of sketches, although not all of them are worth showing anyone, and I am finding it easy to put off scanning and posting. I am still loving my new pens and my gray ink. I’ve started writing with my pens too, keeping written journals again. It’s a nice change. Reading […]

Tree Reflections

I’m getting excited about getting out on the water!

Tree Silhouettes

The reason why I took this photo is because I liked the way the trunk of the middle tree had the unusual curve. It will be in my reference file in case I ever need a similar shaped tree for something. I have to admit that I have not been able to do much artwork […]

Delicate Morning

One morning after a snow the night before, I was leaving for work and it was so beautiful out that I ran back inside to grab my camera.


“right now” staying focused on the present, mindful and in the moment, an image from the week, with no words or a few words, that acknowledges the “right now.” Inspired by Ann.